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The Tensions of American Nationalism

The period of 1803-1853 saw a tremendous physical expansion of the United States.  Additionally, the strength of the U.S. Government increased dramatically (thanks in part to the Marshall Court - see DBQ Lesson).  However, there existed tensions as this "American Nationalism" grew.  First, investigate the extent to which American Nationalism grew, and weigh this evidence against the information gleaned in "The Growth of American Sectionalism".

The Growth of American Nationalism

Star Spangled Banner | Hezekiah Niles "The Prospect Before Us" | James Monroe and "American Nationalism" | The Tariff Issue | Securing the Borders
Student Resources


Assignment One - Star Spangled Banner

                1.  Choose 4 examples of lyrics that are examples of American Nationalism

Assignment Two - "The Prospect Before Us"


Assignment Three - James Monroe's 1st Inaugural Address

            1.  Read Monroe's 1st Inaugural Address and identify the themes of expansion, federalism and nationalism resulting from the War of 1812.
            As an enrichment activity, read his State of the Union messages and decide whether his messages evolved or remained consistent to his
            1st Inaugural Address.

Assignment Four - The Tariff Issue

In the early 1790s, Alexander Hamilton (in his Report on Manufactures) called for a protective tariff.  In 1816, the United States agreed to create its first protective

            1.  Treaty of Ghent - a brief description of the significance surrounding the end of the War of 1812
            2.  Rush-Bagot Agreement - discussion of the treaty and its significance
            3.  Adams-Onis Treaty - a brief description of the treaty
            4.  Monroe Doctrine  - an online text of the 1823 foreign policy doctrine.

            Task - After reading the selections above be ready to discuss how EACH agreement helped secure American borders.  Also be ready to discuss the
            larger implications - the effect these agreements had on a growing American nationalism.

            1.  Era of Good Feelings Timeline - useful review tool for the period 1816-1828

Tensions to American Nationalism